Multipurpose Python userbot for Telegram.



  • Start a new tmux or screen session (recommended but not required)

  • Install virtualenv via pip:

    pip install virtualenv

  • Create a virtualenv named 'venv' and activate it:

    virtualenv venv && . venv/bin/activate


  • Just run python -m userlixo At the first run, all requirements will be automatically installed you'll be asked for some configuration and login. If you are a developer making some modifications, you may want to use the option '--no-updates' to skip the "pip install" part at every startup.

Note: you'll be asked for a BOT_TOKEN. That's the bot that will be the UserLixo assistant and its inline mode must be activated. You do it by sending /setinline to @BotFather.


Deploying UserLixo in Heroku is easier but requires an extra step. You firstly need to login locally (can be done in your mobile, using Termux) to generate the values PYROGRAM_SESSION and PYROGRAM_CONFIG, that are required to run on Heroku.

First install the requirements: pip3 install -Ur requirements.txt Then login with: python3 -m userlixo.login

Once the values are generated, access the button below to deploy a new app and paste the values of PYROGRAM_SESSION and PYROGRAM_CONFIG on the desired places.