Using a Gameboy emulator and making it into a Discord bot !

Im not the best at doing this, and i suck at coding so its completely understandable if you complain how slow this runs.
I made this bot with my friend RedCommand.

How to run

Open command prompt in the folder directory and install these two packages and pyboy, after that you can just replace the String in line 94 with your Discord bot token, and run the bot with python


gb start Start the emulator with the attached Gameboy rom file
gb stop Stop the currently running emulator
gb emotes Shows the emojis used
gb use Enables the input system, might change

To input control after using the gb use command, you use the do command followed by the button you wanna press, here are the buttons:
do a press A
do s press B
do t press SELECT
do f press START
do u press UP
do d press DOWN
do l press LEFT
do r press RIGHT