• NIS-8016 Lab A

  • code:

    • Recv.grc/py: Receive signals and match with ASK button using HackRF and GNU radio. I use AM demod block(can also instrumented using math blocks) and manually set the threshold to transfer the analogue signal to digital signal.
    • Send.grc/py: Send signals using vector source deocded manually
    • Decode.grc/py: Decode signals following ASK/OOK coding rules
  • data:

    • *.txt: manually decoded bit vector of ASK/OOK signals
    • *.cf32: complex format signals received by HackRF, can be analyzed by inspectrum
    • *.bin: binary format stream generated by Recv.grc, follows the same pattern with *.txt
  • video:

    • demo.mp4: show how I work on with these scripts and data


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