Experiments in Generative Art

Using Python (Matplotlib) and Processing to create art.

Using Python, Processing, and P5.js

Quick Links

  • Daily Sketches March 2021. | Gallery | Repo | Done using P5.js
  • Genuary 2021 |Gallery| repo | Github Pages |
  • Hexagons | Gallery | Repo | Documentation | Done using Matplotlib. The repo contains several Jupyter Notebooks, with examples.
  • You might also want to look at the images thumbnail sheet, to see if anything interests you, and then go to its directory to find the code.

Note: When I use Processing, it is almost always in the Python Mode.

This is a repo to store several GenArt attempts. I often use Python (Matplotlib) and Processing to create art sketches.

This is a meta-repo, in the sense that it is a directory of directorys. Each sub-directory in the repo has the code as well as a set of images in the images directory (where applicable). The README.md in each directory
explains what that particular experiment was about.

I try to make all my code available and runnable by others. There are many parameters that you can change and try to get your own results.

Metro Maps

An experimental project that creates Metro Maps for imaginary cities.

What would the Metro (subway) map look like, for imaginary cities? Each time the code is run, it produces a
different set of Terminals, Routes, Junctions and Stations.


Ball Animations

A series of sketches on balls colliding, as well as balls dodging each other, avoiding collisions.




Dots and Dashes

Space filling and Space shrinking, rendered Algorithmically