Batch Sorting

Using python to generate a bat script of repetitive lines of code that differ in some way but can sort out a group of audio files according to their common names

The problem was…

I had a bunch of files which after decompressing were not sorted in thier folders as i expected them to be
I also could not create a folder for each group of audio files and move each group of files into thier respective

The approach…

  1. I knew how to move one file using the command line
  2. But I did not know how to fully use batch scripting to move all files at once.
  3. I also knew how to use python to generate any file I want as it
    is just a matter of using the right filename extension.
  4. So, I worte a python script that generated a batch script that contained the
    commands needed to move all the files into their respective folder groups.

What the script does…

  1. the script generates a list of all the names of audio files I needed to sort
  2. Then, for each filename the script attaches the batch command needed to:
  • first create a folder with the current filename and
  • move all files with that name into the folder.


The script generated is not generic and can not be used for other audio files

The python Script can be found here

Here’s a quick demo of how it worked



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