Hi! We are Antonio Longa and Giovanni Pellegrini, PhD students, and PhD Gabriele Santin, researcher, working between Fondazione Bruno Kessler and the University of Trento, Italy.

This project aims to present through a series of tutorials various techniques in the field of Geometric Deep Learning, focusing on how they work and how to implement them using the Pytorch geometric library, an extension to Pytorch to deal with graphs and structured data, developed by @rusty1s.

You can find our video tutorials on Youtube and at our official website here.

Feel free to join our weekly online tutorial! For more details, have a look at the official website.


Installation of PyG:

In order to have running notebooks in Colab, we use the following installation commands:

!pip install torch-scatter -f
!pip install torch-sparse -f
!pip install torch-geometric

These version are tested and running in Colab. If instead you run the notebooks on your machine, have a look at the PyG’s installation instructions to find suitable versions.