Hand Gesture Volume Controller

Using this you can control your PC/Laptop volume by Hand Gestures (pinch-in, pinch-out) created with Python.


Firstly I have created a Module "HandTrackingModule.py", this file contains the code which detects our hand, in this file I have created functions for specific tasks in a "class handDetector()". Short description of functions are -

  • findHands() - This function detect hands and show landmarks of your hand and it return image in RGB.
  • findPosition() - This function finds the position of particular landmark of your hand and it returns a list containing id_of_that_landmark, x_position_of_that_landmark, y_position_of_that_landmark.
  • fingersUp() - This function check wheather your particular finger is up or not and it return a list containing values 0 (if finger is down) ans 1 (if finger is up). i.e. [0,0,0,0,0] if all the 5 fingers are down and [1,1,1,1,1] if all the fingers are up.

Then another file is "GestureVolumeController", this file uses that HandTrackingModule and contains the code which calculate distance between thumb and first-finger and by pinching-in(decrease distance) and pinching-out(increase distance) you can decrease and increase volume of your PC/Laptop.

This project is created in Python-3 language using OpenCV, Mediapipe and Pycaw libraries.