Utility.py is a utility that offerres cool cli tools and games. Currently the offerd games/items are: get the number, countdown, random name generator, full cpu prank and rock paper sciccors


First go to realeses and download the latest version, depending on your platform:

Windows: Open and run the exe

Mac Os: Open and run the pkg

Linux: Use your pakage manager to download the latest version of python

The file will install the latest version of python up to that date.

(Note: If a new version of python breakes the program before we can provide, please consider downgrading your python version!)

Extra dependencies

Before running the file go to:

Windows 10 or prior: search for cmd and type pip install names

Windows 11: search for windows termianl and type pip install names

Mac OS: search for terminal and type pip install names (May not work, use pip3 install names intead)

Linux: search for terminal and type pip install names (On linux you will need to download from src)

If you get all rigth just run the .py file and your good to go!


All affars regarding the liscence are in the liscence.md file but in short: You are free to remix and remach and re distribute this softwere free of charge


Pull request to modify documents like these are welcome, thougth please open an issue if you want to modifiy the origin src code

Dependencies used

We used the deafult python modules:

Random, time, sys and threads.

We did use an external module called names (pypi link: ) to generate the random names.


This project was created by bee_miczi


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