Utility/Raiding selfbot


Legit not that hard ngl but if you do struggle, just go to data/config.json and fill in everything there. You’re gonna have to create a reddit account since NSFW cog pulls shit from reddit so like yes, just make a burner account since you’ll basically solely be using it for api shit.

Scroll down, create an app


You will have to copy the client secret from here as well as copy the client id under the “personal use script”. The reddit user-agent can be anything but has to be unique. Then just input your reddit username/password.


You will need an api key from in order to access their api and use the lookup command, dw it’s free. Create a free account, upon account creation you should have access to your own API key.

I’ve made a requirements.txt so I think pretty much all the modules are there, try python3 pip install -r requirements.txt. If there are any imports I missed just do python3 -m pip install modulenamehere on any module that comes up as “Module not found”.

Also I realised the music commands require ffmpeg and I guess if you don’t have it installed or added to path please follow this video of a random dude explaining it well.

I guess when you done all that just run the file I guess. You can run it directly from the terminal by opening a terminal window in the main directory and running python


Is this truly a discord selfbot without plugging my server. Join my server here, please wait to be verified.


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