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    pip install fastapi-serviceutils


For more details and usage see: readthedocs


Getting started

After cloning the repository initialize the development environment using:

    make init

This will create the dev environment exampleservice/dev. Activate it using:

    poetry shell


Make sure to always activate the environment when you start working on the project in a new terminal using

    poetry shell

ATTENTION: the environment should also be activated before using make.

Updating dependencies

After each change in dependencies defined at pyproject.toml run the following to ensure the environment-definition and lock-file are up to date:

    make update

Checking with linters and checkers

To run all pre-commit-hooks manually run:

    make check

Info about project-state

To show summary about project run:

    make info


The project’s developer documentation is written using Sphinx.

The documentation sources can be found in the docs subdirectory.

The API-documentation is auto-generated from the docstrings of modules, classes, and functions. We’re using the Google docstring standard.

To generate the documentation, run:

    make docs

The output for generated HTML files is in the docs/_build directory.


For testing we use pytest, for details see Pytest Docs. To run all tests:

    make tests