Various dotfiles for my current Qtile setup running under Wayland.

A full-featured, hackable tiling window manager written and configured in Python. Please note that I use the latest Qtile from their GitHub repo using the AUR Qtile



Below is a list of some of the packages that I use for my current setup which consists of two screens. A monitor as screen 0 and the laptop as screen 1. The idle management and screen locker currently do not function with Qtile running under Wayland but work to resolve this is currently under way.


Window manager controls

Keys Action
CTRL + MOD + r restart Qtile
CTRL + MOD + q shutdown Qtile
CTRL + MOD + w Open window switcher
MOD + w kill window
MOD + RETURN spawn terminal
CTRL + Space Rofi menu
CTRL + MOD + p Rofi power menu


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