My various assets for Houdini

  1. “ms_asset_loader” – Custom importer assets from Quixel Bridge
  2. “asset_placer” – Tool for placment sop geometry on viewport

(3dparty folder contait shaders for arnold and redshift renderers for use with ms_asset_loader)

Example videos:

  1. ms_asset_loader (surfaces)

Watch the video

  1. ms_asset_loader (3d assets)

Watch the video

  1. asset_placer


  1. Edit package jsonfile (root/packages/aatools.json). Change “H_CONFIG” is folder where you cloned repository. “QMEGASCAN_LIB” is path to bridge application
  2. Copy edited json to “packages” folder in home Houdini directory.($HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR/packages)


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