Opensource, A way to safe your data, avoid lost data by Virus, Randsomware

Some functions:

  • Upload a folder automatically to FTP server
  • Loop sleep 1 hour to scan new file an upload
  • Retry when connection is error
  • Resume upload a file if remote filesize smaller than local filesize
  • Source code file from 001…007… is step by step from very simple to complete this program
  • Minizime to TrayIcon
  • Python, so cross platform? It can build and run on Linux, MacOS? I only build and run on Windows

This is simple program for my work, so it’s not designed a nice UI!

alt text

The story

I find many softwares to sync file to FTP Server (or other server like google, s3 amazon), but all are not free and ofcourse no source code.
So I make one to my need. I use this to backup my PC to a FTP server.

I’am afraid of Virus, Ransomware, it may be attack my PC, so backup to remote server is a good way to safe data!
I saw some people who are victim of virus, ransomware encrypted data … hacker required pay money to decrypt data… it’s really a nightmare.

I keep all my data of my PC more than 20 years to now. I always think about the case if my HDD is die, then data will be lost, so I research many way to backup. This tool is belong series of tool in my backup system. I will update here when I have time to complete other documents about backup (it will be: Build ftp server, use Veeam Software…)


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