vimBrain is a brainfuck-based vim-inspired esoteric programming language.


Currently, the only interpreter available is written in Python.


There are few goals that the current Python interpreter tries to achieve:

  1. Beautiful: the code structure should "look" beautiful (hence the use of match-case statements).
  2. Minimal: whatever is being done should be done in as few lines of codes as possible as long it does not make the code "look" ugly (hence the use of inline if-else statements and semicolons).
  3. Independent: no libraries should be used for whatever purpose.


To run examples type python -m vimBrainPy.examples.<whatever> in the repository's home directory.

GitHub - salahdin-ahmed/vimBrain at
Brainfuck-based vim-inspired esoteric programming language with a python interpreter. - GitHub - salahdin-ahmed/vimBrain at