Virtual Keyboard

Ekran Resmi 2021-10-08 13 22 46

With the virtual keyboard, you can write on the real time images by combining the thumb and index fingers on the letter you want. At the same time, you can simultaneously write what you type on the virtual keyboard in the note application like at the bottom left in the video. This is not only for the note application, you can also type in with the virtual keyboard on the applications such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Notepad.



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  1. You need OpenCV-Python library.

pip3 install opencv-python
  1. You need Mediapipe library.

pip3 install mediapipe
  1. You need cvzone library. In most videos or blog posts people use cvzone with version 1.5. At first I had some issue recording to this problem because some codes are not working with cvzone with version 1.5 or higher but I addressed to those problems, and fixed them. You can use this code without worrying about version problems.

pip3 install cvzone
  1. Lastly you need pynput library to use this keyboard on other applications.

pip3 install pynput