VirtualBox Power Driver for MAAS (Metal as a Service)

A way to manage the power of VirtualBox virtual machines via the MAAS webhook driver.

What is MAAS?

MAAS (Metal as a Service) is a tool to turns real servers into bare-metal cloud. With MAAS, you can automate server provisioning and installing OS remotely on both physical and virtual servers. MAAS.io for more information.

What is vboxpower?

vboxpower is a wrapper to enabling MAAS to manage VirtualBox virtual machines power directly. As you know, MAAS does not natively support VirtualBox power management. Before vboxpower, you had to use manual power type for VirtualBox machines, the process of starting/stopping virtual machines did manually but with vboxpower this process is done automatically. So to speak, the prophecy of the vboxpower is translating power commands between VirtualBox and MAAS.

How to install vboxpower:

Both MAAS and vboxpower are written in Python language. So, you don't need another language to run vboxpower.


  1. VirtualBox 6+ installed and running.
  2. VirtualBox SDK https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
  3. VirtualBox Extension Pack to support PXE boot.

VirtualBox SDK installation tips:

Download and extract VirtualBox SDK and run the following command.

sudo VBOX_INSTALL_PATH=/usr/lib/virtualbox python vboxapisetup.py install

Get started:

To deploy vboxpower, you need python3-pip to install the required packages.

The deploy script creates systemd service and copies vboxpower.py to /opt/maas/vboxpower directory.

After deployment, the deploy script starts the vboxpower service.

sudo apt update && apt install -y python3-pip
sudo ./start

Test vboxpower:

The vboxpower is listening on port 5241/tcp on all interfaces.

You should be able to see the list of available VirtualBox virtual machines with curl command.

  "machines": [
      "links": {
        "off": "/pfsense/off",
        "on": "/pfsense/on",
        "status": "/pfsense/status"
      "name": "pfsense",
      "status": "running"
      "links": {
        "off": "/maas/off",
        "on": "/maas/on",
        "status": "/maas/status"
      "name": "maas",
      "status": "running"

Integration with MAAS:

Each virtual machine exposes three endpoints that are used for vm power management.

  • http://HOST_IP:5241/VM_NAME/on
  • http://HOST_IP:5241/VM_NAME/off
  • http://HOST_IP:5241/VM_NAME/status

Use these endpoints on MAAS Webhook power URI, respectively.

I have tested the process on Ubuntu 20.04, MAAS 3.0, and VirtualBox 6.1.16 completely.

Other versions should be work without problem.