Kaleido-BERT: Vision-Language Pre-training on Fashion Domain

Mingchen Zhuge*, Dehong Gao*, Deng-Ping Fan#, Linbo Jin, Ben Chen, Haoming Zhou, Minghui Qiu, Ling Shao.


We present a new vision-language (VL) pre-training model dubbed Kaleido-BERT, which introduces a novel kaleido strategy for fashion cross-modality representations from transformers. In contrast to random masking strategy of recent VL models, we design alignment guided masking to jointly focus more on image-text semantic relations.
To this end, we carry out five novel tasks, \ie, rotation, jigsaw, camouflage, grey-to-color, and blank-to-color for self-supervised VL pre-training at patches of different scale. Kaleido-BERT is conceptually simple and easy to extend to the existing BERT framework, it attains state-of-the-art results by large margins on four downstream tasks, including text retrieval (R@1: 4.03% absolute improvement), image retrieval (R@1: 7.13% abs imv.), category recognition (ACC: 3.28% abs imv.), and fashion captioning (Bleu4: 1.2 abs imv.). We validate the efficiency of Kaleido-BERT on a wide range of e-commercial websites, demonstrating its broader potential in real-world applications.


  1. Code will be released in 2021/4/16.
  2. This is the tensorflow implementation built on Alibaba/EasyTransfer.
    We will also release a Pytorch version built on Huggingface/Transformers in future.
  3. If you feel hard to download these datasets, please modify /dataset/get_pretrain_data.sh, /dataset/get_finetune_data.sh, /dataset/get_retrieve_data.sh, and comment out some wget #file_links as you want. This will not inhibit following implementation.

Get started

  1. Clone this code
git clone [email protected]:mczhuge/Kaleido-BERT.git
cd Kaleido-BERT
  1. Enviroment setup (Details can be found on conda_env.info)
conda create --name kaleidobert --file conda_env.info
conda activate kaleidobert
conda install tensorflow-gpu=1.15.0
pip install boto3 tqdm tensorflow_datasets --index-url=https://mirrors.aliyun.com/pypi/simple/
pip install sentencepiece==0.1.92 sklearn --index-url=https://mirrors.aliyun.com/pypi/simple/
pip install joblib==0.14.1
python setup.py develop
  1. Download Pretrained Dependancy
cd Kaleido-BERT/scripts/checkpoint
sh get_checkpoint.sh
  1. Finetune
#Download finetune datasets

cd Kaleido-BERT/scripts/dataset
sh get_finetune_data.sh
sh get_retrieve_data.sh

#Testing CAT/SUB

cd Kaleido-BERT/scripts
sh run_cat.sh
sh run_subcat.sh

#Testing TIR/ITR

cd Kaleido-BERT/scripts
sh run_i2t.sh
sh run_t2i.sh
  1. Pre-training
#Download pre-training datasets

cd Kaleido-BERT/scripts/dataset
sh get_prtrain_data.sh

#Remove existed checkpoint
rm -rf Kaleido-BERT/checkpoint/pretrained

#Run pre-training
cd Kaleido-BERT/scripts/
sh run_pretrain.sh


Thanks Alibaba ICBU Search Team and Alibaba PAI Team for technical support.

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Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.