Visualizations connecting chaos theory, fractals, and the logistic map!

This is not a library, but rather a collection of standalone scripts! As such, there is a bit of code duplication between scripts.

Quick start guide

Install these requirements

  • Python 3.6+ (tested on Python 3.6 and Python 3.7, macOS Catalina and Windows 10)
  • Numpy package : pip install numpy
  • Numba package : pip install numba

Run guide for total beginners

  1. Open "Terminal" on macOS & Linux, "Powershell" or "Command Prompt" on Windows
  2. Download this repository and unzip it or run git clone
  3. Change directory into the folder where you extracted files cd ~/route/to/your/folder
  4. Run the program you're interested in, like python
  5. To make changes to the code, install a text editor like Atom and then open the file you want to edit. If this is your first python project, GO FOT IT, but also it might not be the easiest to get your head wrapped around (I use a lot of nuanced python functionality).

If you run into problems

  1. Google the problem you're running into
  2. If it seems to be a problem with this code, post in "Issues"

Logistic Map - Interactive


Additional Requirements

  • PyQt5 : pip install pyqt5
  • PyQtGraph : pip install pyqtgraph

This visualization creates a cobweb plot, time series graph, and bifurcation plot for visualizing the logistic map. The font pictured is "Avenir Next" which is licensed as part of macOS. Other OSes will see their default font.


  • Spacebar: play/pause
  • Backspace: reset view & animation

3D Mandelbrot Set


Here we see the Mandelbrot set on the x-y plane, and iterations of the Mandelbrot set in the z axis. This reveals the bifurcation plot beneath the Mandelbrot set!

Final visualization is accomplished by a volume rendering of 1000x1000x1000 voxels, oversampled by 16 to reduce aliasing.

Additional Requirements

Logistic Map Zoom


  • Vispy : pip install vispy
    • Note: The final version of the visualization used a custom version of Vispy, modified to improve the appearance of axes. I have not released this and don't plan to, but if you really need it please post in Issues a feature request.