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Vitrix is an open-source FPS video game coded in python



You can start the Vitrix Launcher by running the main.py file in the root directory. Inside the launcher, you can click the start button, to run Vitrix. It will open a small window, where you can type your desired username. IP address and port options are in the proceeding input fields.


Starting your own server is simple.

  1. Navigate to the project root.
  2. cd into the server directory:
cd server
  1. And run the server.py script:
python server.py

By default the server uses port 8000. The IP address can be found using a tool such as Angry IP Scanner. The server will print its output to the console, so any crashes will be detailed.


NOTICE: Vitrix has plans to upload prebuilt applications every month. Until March, we will not make a prebuilt application. Until then, we recommend you install Python to run Vitrix


Vitrix has been official tested on the following platforms: Ubuntu And is working on support for: Windows Mac OS

Hardware Requirements
  • A 1GHz or faster 64-bit processer (essentially any decent processor)
  • A minimum 4 GB of RAM (pretty common in most computers)
  • At least 30 MB of free disk
Software Requirements
  • Python 3


  1. First of all, clone the repository using Git SCM:
git clone https://github.com/VitrixGame/Vitrix
  1. cd into the cloned repository
  2. Install Vitrix’s dependencies:
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. On Linux you will also need to install the python3-tk package. Here is an example for Ubuntu:
sudo apt install python3-tk
  1. Well done! Now you can run the main.py script in the repository folder to start Vitrix Launcher.


This section is a WIP


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