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Overview & Purpose

Volta: A Virtual Assistant which increases your productivity with time as you use it…

Volta, developed and designed by Abeer Joshi is a personal virtual assistant, which can increase your productivity. The main purpose of this software is to provide best services to the end-user!


Volta was designed to be compatible with almost every computer. It doesn’t include crazy requirements but the ones which are present in each and every computer of the latest generation at the moment.

  • Space : < 100 MB

  • RAM : < 500 MB

  • Network : Network-Connection is required for Speech-To-Text, Text-To-Speech and for further processes to take place.

  • Processor : Intel i3, i5, i7, i9


Volta comes up with brand new features. While making all of these features, We remembered to keep all these things in mind..

  • Reducing Battery Consumption. ?
  • High Productivity. ?
  • Saves time. ⌚

There have been tens of latest features in Volta, precisely presented to you! Here are some of the features you may try out in Volta:

  • New OS operations. ?

  • New Pause feature.

  • Permanent Dark theme. ?

  • Energy Saving Technology. ?

Technology Used

For the development of Volta, the Programming Language used was Python. Several packages, modules, & libraries were used.

Developed by, – Abeer Joshi


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