Below we capture the CI/CD scenarios that we would expect with our model endpoints.

  • In the automated build scenario, we capture any changes in the source code for the model server, build the new resultant docker image, push the image to the container registry, and then deploy via cloud run. This captures the CI component.

alt text

Automated builds based on changes in the master branch

  • In the scheduled build scenario, to ensure that we pull the latest model from wandb we force the fastapi application to rebuild, which in turn queries the service for the latest recorded model. This ensures we are always serving the most up-to-date model at the endpoint.

alt text

Scheduled builds on master to update the endpoint with the latest model

These scenarios together complete the CI/CD flow by allowing us to define a very easy to reproduce structure for defining build triggers based on different branches.

For brevity’s sake I did not include the abstraction in this cloudbuild.yaml however you would simply pass in a substitution variable for the $MODEL_VERSION and pass that into the cloud console for that build for that branch. You could also abstract it by the name of the branch.


Cloud Build

alt text
alt text
alt text

This relies on Cloud Scheduler to schedule the manual trigger run

Cloud Run

alt text
alt text
alt text

Cloud Scheduler

alt text

Public API Result

alt text


python -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
make install

Runnning Localhost

make run

Deploy app

make deploy

Running Tests

make test

Running Easter Egg

make easter

Access Swagger Documentation

Access Redocs Documentation

Project structure

Files related to application are in the app or tests directories.
Application parts are:

├── api              - web related stuff.
│   └── routes       - web routes.
├── core             - application configuration, startup events, logging.
├── models           - pydantic models for this application.
├── services         - logic that is not just crud related.
└── main.py          - FastAPI application creation and configuration.
tests                  - pytest


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