Watch classic spongebob from the terminal!
Thanks to everyone that is starring, forking, writing issues, pull requesting and just users of spongebob-cli!


Dependecies (all python dependecies will automatically be installed):

  1. mpv player https://mpv.io/
  2. youtube-dl https://github.com/ytdl-org


 If the programm was ran without arguments it will ist all the episodes an it will let you play them.
 --download | -d, usage --download {a number of a episode}, This will download that video under a directory the command was run
 --list | -l,     usage --list, this will list all the episodes and then exit the programm
 --list | -l, usage --list {number} this will show the number of episodes with the limit you provided.
 --play | -p      usage --play {a number of a episode}, This will play the episode without listing the episodes
 --help | -h      usage --help this will print what each argument does

How to install:

Download this repository with git or other.

cd spongebob-cli
sudo chmod +x spongebob-cli; sudo python setup.py install


If setup.py fails try this:

pip3 install termcolor beautifulsoup4 prettytable

If video wont play check if you have mpv and youtube-dl installed.
If you dont have youtube-dl but a fork of it, make a alias in your .zshrc or .bashrc and alias it to youtube-dl


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