WazirX Portfolio Tracker on your Terminal!

If you have been investing in cryptocurrencies in India, there is a very good chance that you have been using WazirX. If that’s the case then you must have also realized that WazirX does not have P&L stats, total gains, which token is doing the best and so on for your portfolio! You can get comprehensive trading reports but then you would have to open the Excel sheets and study those to get your basic stats!

Get all the stats right on your Terminal!


  1. Using the public WazirX API for exact prices
  2. Get all the current holdings gains/losses
  3. Overall gains/losses for your current portfolio of tokens and deposits
  4. Real time data (updated every 10 seconds)
  5. Multithreading for API Calls (10-15x performance gains)
  6. High precision calculations using Decimal library
  7. All the stats right on your Terminal with one single command

Installation and Usage

  1. Clone the repo and install the dependencies from requirements.txt
  2. Download your Trading Report
  4. On your Terminal: alias crypto="your_python_path absolute_path_of_repo/main.py"
  5. Enjoy real-time stats with just on single command on your Terminal: crypto


  1. Currently only supports transactions/exchanges from Token/INR or token/USDT; Add support for all exchanges
  2. Add CL arguments to sort according to different metrics
  3. Automate the addition of all your Trading Reports in one file
  4. Add alerts for different price points; leading to actionable results such as buying/selling on targets
  5. Improvements to the UI


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