This repository contains lists of state-or-art weakly supervised semantic segmentation works. Papers and resources are listed below according to supervision types.

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CVPR 2018 Tutorial : WSL web&ppt, Part1 ,Part2

Typical weak supervised segmentation problems

No Supervision Difficulty Domain Core issues
1 Bounding box middle annotated classes transfer learning
2 One-shot segment middle similar objects one-shot learning
3 Image/video label hard annotated classes transfer learning
4 Others n/a n/a n/a

1.Bounding box supervision

Instance semantic segmentation

  • Learning to Segment Every Thing, CVPR 2018

    :Learning weight transfer from well-annotated subset, transfer class-specific weights(output layers) from detection and classification branch, based on Mask-RCNN

  • Pseudo Mask Augmented Object Detection, CVPR 2018

    :State-of-art weakly supervised instance segmentation with bounding box annotation. EM optimizes pseudo mask and segmentation parameter like Boxsup. Graphcut on superpixel is employed to refine pseudo mask.


Arxiv paper

2.One-Shot segmentation supervision

DAVIS Challenge: http://davischallenge.org/

: Davis17/18(Semi-supervised Video segmentation task), Davis16 is video salient object segmentation without the first frame annotations.


3.Image/video label supervision



Arxiv paper

3.1 Deep activation

Propagate method Papers
Global Max Pooling(GMP) Is object localization for free? - Weakly-supervised learning with convolutional neural networks,CVPR 2015
Global Average Pooling(GAP) Learning Deep Features for Discriminative Localization CVPR 2016
Log-sum-exponential Pooling(LSE) ProNet: Learning to Propose Object-specific Boxes for Cascaded Neural Networks,CVPR 2016
Global Weighted Rank Pooling(GWRP) SEC ECCV 2016
Global rank Max-Min Pooling(GRP) WILDCAT, CVPR 2017

3.2 Weakly supervised Detection / Localization(TODO)

4.Other supervision



5.Close Related or unpublished work