Web3 Pancakeswap Sniper bot written in python3, Please note the license conditions!

The first Binance Smart Chain sniper bot with Honeypot checker!


If you have 100 Tigs on your BSC address, the bot will check for liquidity every 0.1 seconds,  if you have less than 100 TIGS then only every 5 seconds!

TradingTigers Token @BSC

Sniper Preview


If you are not familiar with Python please have a look at Releases, there you can download Windows executable.

Setup your Address and secret key in keys.json.
Edit your Start_Sniper.bat or Start_fastBuy.bat, insert your Token Address want to Snipe/Buy!

You don't need Administrator rights!

Here are all options:

'-t', '--token', Token for snipe e.g. "-t 0xc87b88aafb95f0b88c3a74fc96344e4bccab6bde"
'-a', '--amount', float, Amount in Bnb to snipe e.g. "-a 0.1"
'-s', '--slippage', default=10, slippage in % "-s 10"
'-tx', '--txamount', default=1, how mutch tx you want to send? It Split your BNB Amount in e.g. "-tx 5"
'-swap', '--swap', default=[1], Witch Swap? e.g. "-swap [1]" for Panackeswap
'-hp', '--honeypot', default=True, check if your token to buy is a Honeypot

Install Python

First of all, you need install Python3+

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Start Sniper:

python3 -t 0x34faa80fec0233e045ed4737cc152a71e490e2e3 -a 0.1 -s 20 -tx 3
GitHub - Trading-Tiger/Pancakeswap_BSC_Sniper_Bot: Web3 Pancakeswap Sniper bot written in python3
Web3 Pancakeswap Sniper bot written in python3. Contribute to Trading-Tiger/Pancakeswap_BSC_Sniper_Bot development by creating an account on GitHub.