Gitlab Slack Notifier

Webservice that notifies users on Slack when a change in GitLab concern them.



Create a Slack app, go to “OAuth & Permissions” page, add the following permissions to “Bot Token Scopes”:

  • users:read
  • users.profile:read
  • chat:write
  • chat:write.public

Then click “Install to Workspace” and confirm. Copy the “Bot User OAuth Token”, will be put into SLACK_API_TOKEN


You’ll require a GITLAB_TOKEN with admin rights on Gitlab (read only is sufficient). Ask it to one of the maintainers of your Gitlab instance.

To enable this notifier on one of your projects, go to: (Your repo) > Settings > Webhooks

You have to set:

  • URL: the Gitlab URL you’ll listen to (e.g.,
  • Secret Token: Gitlab secret token, which you will give to the webservice for authenticating
  • Tick the following events:
    • Comments
    • Issues
    • Merge request
    • Job
    • Pipeline
  • Click on Add webhook



To build the Docker and launch the webservice:

export GITLAB_TOKEN="your-gitlab-token"
export SLACK_API_TOKEN="your-slack-api-token"
HOST= PORT=5000 make build-docker run-docker


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