Creepypasta - Text Generator

Website which uses Deep Learning to generate horror stories.


There are two parts to the project. One is the Deep Learning model which generates the text. The other is the website which uses the model to generate text.

I have used Deep Learning model to generate text. It is a Neural Network which uses Recurrent Neural Network to generate text.

I have hosted a model on Algorithmia and used it's API to generate text.

Built With

What I learned

  • How to clear raw data to use it for training.
  • How to use Deep Learning model to generate text.
  • How to use Algorithmia to generate text.
  • How to use Vercel to deploy a website.
  • How to use TensorFlow to train a model.
  • How to train a model incrementally.
  • How to handle large data.
  • How to use Machine Learning model to generate text and display it on the website.

Getting Started

To host web application on user localhost follow below steps :


  • Reddit API Key

    Go to
  • Algorithmia Account

    Go to
  • Optional:

    1. Wandb Account and Wandb API Key to track training
    Go to
    1. Firebase Account to upload files while scrapping reddit
    To get firebase-adminsdk.json, goto Firebase Console, click on the Gear icon besides Project Overview and select Project Settings -> Service accounts -> Generate new private key.
    1. Data Sources

    Note: If you don't have a Wandb account, remove Wandb code from the scripts. And if you don't have a Firebase account, remove Firebase code from the scripts.