• Introduction
  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • Maintainers


Whatsapp Automation basically provides you with

  1. Messages (Personalized/Standard)
  2. Media files(image/video)
  3. Pdf
    to send to multiple contacts.

The idea for the project was to provide easy ways for people starting their businesses
and storing data in excel to reach out to their customers in an easy way.
Most people start registration for events/webinars/startups with the help of Google
forms which convert the data into excel sheets.
This project helps user to generate personalised messages and reach out to their
audience in an easy and efficient way avoiding errors and saving time and space.


This module requires Python 3 to be installed in your system.
For this module to function you need a “details.txt” in the same folder where the
main.py file exists that will run the program.
This details.txt file stores all the details about all the data to be sent or
All you need to do is open this file and copy the paths of all the files that
contain the data in the details.txt file.

The paths have to be copied in such a way :
sample_path = C:\Users\Python\Whatsapp Automation\main.py

For the user, the names of the paths have been provided and all you need to do
is copy the paths in this file for the program to access it.


Install the Whatsapp Automation module by forking or cloning the project in your



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