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N46Whisper is a Google Colab notebook application that developed for streamlined video subtitle file generation to improve productivity of Nogizaka46 (and Sakamichi groups) subbers.

The notebook is based on Whisper, a general-prupose speech recognition model.

The output file will be in .ass format with built-in style of selected sub group so it can be directly imported into Aegisub for subsequent editing.

How to use

  • Click here to open the notebook in Google Colab.
  • Upload file and follow the instruction to run the notebook.
  • The ass file will be automatically downloaded once done.


The application can substantially reduce the labor and time cost of sub groups or individual subbers. However, despite the impressive performance, the Whisper model and the application itself are not come without limitations. Please read the orgininal documents and Discussions to learn more about the usage of Whisper and the common issues.

However, if you have any throughts, requests or questions that directly related to making subtitiles for Sakamichi group girls, please feel free to post here or contact me


The code is released under the MIT license. See License for details.


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