windows plotman

THIS IS A BETA. Not ready for production use just yet. Almost, but not quite there yet.

This is a tool for managing Chia based on Plotman (

This is a work in progress. Please see the original linux version for additional info:

Please contact me at: [email protected] or Wolfrage on discord in the #chia channel: - pop in and say hi!

Known issues:

  • Archiving hasn't been touched
  • IO stats does not work on windows
  • Resizing terminal messes up the curses display
  • Common dir prefix does not work so whole dir path is shown for temps and dest drives
  • Various other issues


Copy your chia.exe file to chia2.exe and use that for now! Avoids conflicts with plots running from GUI or commandline. Will adjust after testing complete.

This program requires psutil, pyfakefs,texttable, windows-curses, pyreadline, pyyaml, and pypsutil.

First, Edit to hardcode your chia.exe location (sorry, manual for now). Second, Edit config.yaml for your settings. Third, provide feedback and help me with this because I am soooo not a python guy. I'm really, really, really not. Fourthly, send me pizza.

Run command in Windows Powershell: python interactive