Windows Task Manager with special features, written in Python.

Tired of trying to kill processes with the default Windows Task Manager? Selecting one by one? So this is for you.


Killer is an app with concise design which displays the processes, let search between them, order by pid/name/cpu/memory
and kill multiple apps (or even all) at once. Besides that, you can also kill the children of the selected process(es),
which means, all the other processes created by these (no survival chance).

When you download the installer it will guide you through the options, but there is no need to change anything. Just next next 😉


Tip: If you allow the creation of a desktop icon during the installation, "Ctrl+Shift+K" will open the Killer

Any issue or improvement suggestion can be sent in our discord or in the issues tab

More features coming!


Tested on: Windows 10 64 bits


  • Windows >= Vista, up to date, or Windows 10
  • Open GL >= 2.0
  • 100MB of free disk space for the installer, 37MB for the standalone

If for any reason Killer didn't work on your Windows version/arch, please tell us.

Open an issue or go to our discord

This app doesn't aims to be a complete task manager, even take place of the default one.

Understand also, despite being not a complete solution, these are the requirements by the tools chosen to proceed with this project.
Mainly the language and framework.

The standalone executable

Despite requiring less space, it will be decompressed every time it is called, slowing down the startup and unallowing any configuration for being saved.
That is why the recommended way is using the installer killer-setup.exe