WMIC Serial Checker

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FR: A but éducatif seulement.
EN: For educational purposes only.

❓ Informations

FR: WMIC Serial Checker est un tool open source développé en Python permettant de regarder les informations de votre PC permettant de voir par exemple si vous êtes spoof.

EN: WMIC Serial Checker is an open source tool coded in Python that allows to check your PC informations allows to you to per exeample see if you are spoofed.

💻 Features

Features List :

  • Windows OS Only
  • Auto Module Installation

Availables Features

  • IPV4 Adress
  • IPV6 Adress
  • Computer Name
  • Computer Model
  • Windows Session Username
  • HWID
  • Serial Disk Number
  • Bios
  • CPU
  • Volume Serial
  • Baseboard
  • RAM Serial
  • Mac Adresses

📷 Demo

Demo Image

📝 Contact

Email : [email protected]
Discord : ! "ℛყ𝖚K̭̭̏ (j'ai sauté)#7475
Github: https://github.com/AkaDevloppement

📚 Contributions

All suggestions are welcome.
Special Thanks to Kaneiki Web for the readme template.

📜 License

WMIC Serial Checker is under licensed MIT MIT License.


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