Wordle Game

This is a python implementation of wordle, which uses the same set of available words as the hit game, Wordle.

Play the game manually

python3 src/wordle_main.py --play_type=human

Play the game using an AI

python3 src/wordle_main.py --play_type=ai --strategy=(random|similar_words)

Implement an algorithm to solve it

So you want to write an algorithm that can solve Wordle in as few turns as possible?

  1. Create a new class that inherits from BaseStrategy.
  2. Change the implementation of the get_guess() function, as well as the make_guess() function.
  3. Update wordle_main to import the new Strategy class that you created.
  4. Run it: python3 src/wordle_main.py --play_type=ai --stragey={your class}

I have taken the liberty of implementing & wiring together SimilarWordsStrategy to show how you can wire your own algorithm in.


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