this code is a simple script which is also called Wordle solver.

the usage may be a little complicated but it’s worth to try.


in the begining make a few guesses by your own to find out some simple characters which helps script find answer more acurate.
Let’s assume you are facing with following situation:

as you can see we have green, yellow, gray charactes, the way we pass these characters to script is:
For green characters: (CHARACTER+INDEX, CHARACTER+INDEX) for example ‘s2,t4’ means there is a character ‘T’ in index ‘4’ and ‘S’ in index ‘2’
Yellow characters: (CHARACTER, CHARACTER) for example ‘i’ (without passing it’s index) means the character ‘i’ is in the word but we don’t know what is it’s index
Gray characters are also like yellow characters: (CHARACTER, CHARACTER)

SO this is how you should Run the script:

python main.py
green characters with it's indexes seperated with comma (like: m1, n3): t1, i2, e4
orange characters (like: p,o,l): r
removed characters (like: g,r,t): w, a, y, s


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