This is the second version of my 6 axis robotic arm.

The first version had a lot of mechanical design issues, so i stoped working on it before finishing the software and went to work on this one instead. It is 3D printed in PETG, uses 6 dynamixels XL330-M288-T servomotors and is controlled by a raspberry Pi, with a U2D2 communication converter between the Pi and the servo bus.

you will find the python code in the “programme” directory. The full CAD assembly is here in step file (robot_assembly.zip). you can also find the electrical drawings. There is also a little presentation pdf with pictures of it.

here is a video of the robot being tested : https://www.reddit.com/r/robotics/comments/tv4i7z/linear_motion_is_done_i_didnt_thought_it_would/

if you want to check how i programmed the robot, the most interresting parts are in robot_maths.py and robot_class.py.

everything in this repository is published under the general public license GNU version 2.

if anyone actually want to built it, contact me on reddit (u/liiamarl) as there are improvements that can easily be made. Also if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me !


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