Wunderland Professional

Impress your colleagues, friends and family with this edition of the “Wunderland” wallpaper. With the nostalgic feel of the original LiveWallpaper – Wunderland and new climate changing additions.


  • Photoreal Cows
  • Changing weather
  • Wunderland as Teams Background
  • Wunderland as desktop wallpaper

Desktop Teams * actual results may deviate from demonstration

How 2 use


  • Python ~3.8
  • Installed requirements using pip install -r requirements.txt


Run wunderland.py with one or both of the following parameters:

  • -d to set as Desktop wallpaper
  • -t to save as Microsoft Teams background

You can also place the run_wunderland_generator.bat file in the Windows Startup folder to run on startup (Windows+R, enter shell:startup).
Or you can create a Task in the Windows Task Scheduler to update regularly. When creating a Task set the Action to Start a Program and select the run_wunderland_generator.bat as target. Choose parameters and enter the directory containing the target in the Start in (optional) box: Task Scheduler


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