Yet another web fuzzer


This script can run in two modes of operation.

Supplying a wordlist -W argument will initiate a multithreaded fuzzing session.

Lack of wordlist -W tag will run this script in interactive inline mode.

Use Burp Pro instead if you have one.

Key features:

  • Fuzzer will replace all [INJECT] tags with specified payload (supports url, data, headers, cookies)
  • Multiple HTTP methods will result in separate request for each
  • Request body will not be automatically encoded or formated based on content type
  • A wordlist can be supplied as input through -W or --wordlist argument
  • Strings of interest can be extracted through regex pattern through -E or --extract tag
  • Response details or status codes can be filtered by supplying CRC or code in -B or --ban arguments (supports multiple values)
  • Request headers can be set by through -H or --header tags (supports multiple values)
  • Associated cookies can be configured by supplying -C or --cookie argument (supports multiple values)
  • Request data can be set by through -D or --data tag (requires manual content-type header)
  • Fuzzing speed can be controlled by -S or --speed argument which defines amount of concurent threads
  • Request HTTP methods used in fuzzing can be sent by supplying -M or --method tags (supports multiple values)
  • Keyword used for payload replacement can be modified with -T or --TAG argument
  • Redirect handling can be controlled through -R or --redirect tag
  • HTTP request timeout can be set bu supplying -O or --timeout argument
  • Verbose output, including full response body can be enabled by -V or --verbose tag
  • Proxy for outgoing requests can be configured through -X or --proxy argument



usage: yafuzz.py [-h] --url URL [--wordlist WORDLIST] [--extract EXTRACT]
                 [--ban BANNED] [--header HEADERS] [--cookie COOKIES]
                 [--data DATA] [--speed SPEED] [--method METHOD] [--tag TAG]
                 [--redirect] [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--verbose] [--proxy PROXY]

Yet another HTTP fuzzer

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --url URL, -U URL     Target HTTP URL address
  --wordlist WORDLIST, -W WORDLIST
                        Wordlist file path
  --extract EXTRACT, -E EXTRACT
                        RegEx pattern to extract from response
                        Ban specific crc32 hash or response code from output
  --header HEADERS, -H HEADERS
                        HTTP Headers i.e. "TEST: true"
  --cookie COOKIES, -C COOKIES
                        HTTP Cookies i.e. "TEST=true"
  --data DATA, -D DATA  HTTP request body
  --speed SPEED, -S SPEED
                        Number of threads
  --method METHOD, -M METHOD
                        HTTP method to use
  --tag TAG, -T TAG     Tag to search for and replace
  --redirect, -R        Accept HTTP redirects
  --timeout TIMEOUT, -O TIMEOUT
                        Timeout of the HTTP request
  --verbose, -V         Enable verbose output
  --proxy PROXY, -X PROXY
                        Enable HTTP proxy


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