You really do NOT have time for read a newsletter? Now you can listen to it

The Newsletter of Filipe Deschamps is a great place to read the most recent news about technologies and do not spend much time on it

The problem to me is: I forget, I’m feeling lazy, or maybe I really don’t have time, even the most simple and summed up content can be a little hard to read, so…

I create this text-to-speach bot

The bot will open your gmail account with easyimap and get one of the newsletters send by Filipe.

Then it will transform the email to speach with pyttsx3

how use it:

  • Subscribe to the newsletter clicking here
  • Install the dependencies
  • Create a txt file with the name “userAndPassword.txt”
  • Write on this txt your gmail and your password
  • Like:
[email protected]
  • Run the program and listen the news ?