Protocol – Mass Mention

(i havent tested this with any token other than my own token so idk if the multi token part works or not if it doesn’t do a pull request ill add it)

Welcome to Protocol! this project is a project i been working on lately, if you want anything added to this do a issue and ill see about it! other than that except many other tools and a lot from this project!


  • Asynchronous
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Multi Tasked
  • Special Features


  • Put tasks depending on your PC Specs
  • Tokens must be valid
  • Proxies must be valid


  • BTC = bc1qkgpe9ylxpr4wd4chruun7vc9eu75g3uura4q8m
  • LTC = LUKr4Hcpm5RsCM1DjKrjs5aANgUSbLQFi2
  • ETH = 0x197C7407E4fBf3516AE901CeC4515bc6413986c4

Any donations to any address will be very appreciated!

Educational Purposes only.


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