Zero Attacker

  • Zero Attacker is bunch of tools which we made for people.These all tools are for purpose of ethical hacking and discord tools.

  • Who is the Developer, Zero Attack is made by Asjad and Knight. This tool Rights only they have if anyone would try to copy it use under there name would be affected by the MIT Licence

  • Where is code? For now we Are not providing the source Code

  • Remember to use this tool on your own purpose no wrong use of it

  • This is still a beta version of the tools if you find any issue let us know :DD

    • We have 45+ stars and my account got flagged

More Stars?

  • As we will reach 25 stars, we will add (selfbot(discord), GetIP)
  • As we will reach 50 stars, We will add (Facebook spammer, numberspammer, reverseshell and many more )
  • As we reach 100 stars the code will be public

Getting Started


  • Zero-Tool is under the MIT License
  • Using it without giving us credit would lead to Breaking the License law




  • Asjad#0060, Dev7knight#3544 is the Developer of this Zero Attacker
  • Contact for any kind of help

Asjad Personal Site

Knight Personal Site BETA

Asjad Discord Server

Knight Discord Server

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