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Zoom Automation

This program automatically logs you into a Zoom session at your alloted time. Optionally you can choose to have end the session at your allotted time.

How To Use

• Run to automatically install the required modules and to create CSV. Alternatively you
can manually install modules using requirements.txt

• Enter values into csv file, be absolutely sure to enter data into Time/End Time rows as formatted:
05:30, 08:10 or 10:00, 12:12

• Run and wait untill alloted time.

• Once your done be sure to run (In assets) to ensure it doesn’t run in the background when your
done with it.

Note: Be sure to activate windows notifcations from other senders in Notifcations & Actions to receiver
script startup mesasge (Optional)

Recomended before use

• It is reccomended to run and crop them yourself, for pictures
of indivdual buttons. Look at buttons folder for reference, Additionally be sure
to keep the same name for the images your replace.

• It’s reccomended to use since the button images may not
work for your screen size due to need for PyAutoGUi’s imaging to be pixel perfect additionally
doing screenshots the usual way may not be applicable for PyAutoGui’s needs.
Abeit this can get cumbersome so do this if your sure you need to


- Activate Script on Start-up
- Optimize


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