When it comes to buying Stapler For Upholstery Work , you will find many brands selling the same product. And this will make you confused because you will not know which one of these products will meet your needs and desires.

After a lot of extensive research, we’ve put together a collection of the best Stapler For Upholstery Work that are currently available on the market.

Best Stapler For Upholstery Work

Top 10 Best Stapler For Upholstery Work Reviews

No. 1

HBT HB7116P-KT 22 Gauge 3/8-Inch Crown Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler, Air Stapler Kit, with 6000 Staples, 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch

  • Drives standard 22 ga. 3/8-inch (9mm) crown staples from 1/4″ to 5/8″ in length, accepts 71 Series or similar staples; Does not accept T50 staples
  • Kit includes 2000 ea. of 1/4″, 3/8″ and 5/8″ leg length staples
  • Less than 2 lbs, small and lightweight for ease of operation
  • Rear exhaust directs air and tool oil away from user and workpiece; easy drop-in loading magazine and quick-clear jam release
  • Perfect for fabric, upholstery, vinyl, automobile interior work, light duty wood assembly and much more. Air compressor needed but not included.

No. 2

THINKWORK 3-in-1 Staple Gun, Nailer Gun with 2100 Staples and Stapler Remover, Manual Stapler, Heavy Duty Staple Kit for Upholstery, Fixing Material, DIY,Decoration, Carpentry, Furniture.

  • 3-in-1 Staple Gun Kit – D-shaped, U-shaped, T-shaped, three types of manual staples are ideal for outdoor and indoor repair, decoration and fastening to meet your different renovation needs
  • Quick-Jam-Clear – When the staple gun is stuck, the binding switch can be pulled down. Matching stapler remover can help clear the jammed staples quickly, Card slot reset to continue using
  • Easy to Operate – The gun has an ergonomic hand slot that was designed to minimize the pain your hands face when you spend time stapling, adopting the principle of spring spring-back impact, long-lasting durability
  • Power Adjustment – Adjust the pressure by the screw button on the top of the heavy gun, to fit the thickness of the material you are using, which will make your upholstery work easier
  • Premium Service – If you have any problem during using our product. Contact our Professional after-service team via email. Our after-sale Team will get in touch with you and timely solve your problems

No. 3

7116BL Power Upholstery Stapler with Slim Long Nose – 22 Gauge 71 Series, 3/8” Crown, 1/4” – 5/8” Leg Length, Pneumatic Stapler, Air Staple Gun for Upholstery Work and Furniture

  • 【Long Nose for Easy Reach】2” long nose helps you get into the tight or narrow places and easy aiming
  • 【Light & Powerful】Build with an aluminum alloy housing to reduce device weight and inner air cylinder provides plenty of power to run, drives staple into the wood easily and steadily in flush
  • 【Feels Good in Hand】This 22 gauge 71 stapler has a sensitive trigger and comfortable rubber grip that gives you good control in usage. Even in daily long use, its ergonomic design reduces your fatigue and becomes more convenient to use
  • 【Bottom Easy Loading】Press the latch to open the magazine to load staples. The high capacity oxidized magazine allows you to load 180pcs staples at one time and there is a small staple visual window to remind you to replenish timely when the staples are about to run out
  • 【Drives 71 Series Staples】Compatible with 22 gauge 71 series staples. Staples Crown: 3/8”, Staples Leg Length: 1/4” – 5/8”

No. 4

eZthings Staple Gun Professional Stapler Tool Set – 3 in 1 Heavy Duty kit with 2400 Staples, Nail Steel for Wood Work, Upholstery, Decoration, Carpentry, Furniture, Walls, Roofing (Stapler Gun Kit)

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL & DURABLE – Heavy Duty All-Steel Staple Gun – Made from Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel – 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
  • Total 2400 Staples: 800 Staples – 8mm Door Hasp Staple / 800 Staples – 10mm T Nail / 800 Staples – 12mm U Brad
  • Staple Puller – To Strip Upholstery With Minimum Damaged to Surface. Easily Remove Entire Staple.
  • Steel Handle With Molded Rubber Gripper
  • knob Pressure Setting – Adjustable Knob For The Right Material Thickness

No. 5

3PLUS H7116SP 22 Gauge 3/8-Inch Crown Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler for 71 Series Staples, 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch

  • Uses standard 22 ga. 3/8-inch (9mm) crown staples from 1/4″ to 5/8″ in length; Does not accept T50 staples
  • Small and lightweight for ease of operation
  • Features comfortable grip and a 360° adjustable exhaust
  • Easy bottom loading magazine and quick-clear jam release
  • Ideal for upholstering, cabinet assembly, fabric applications, light wood assembly, silk screen assembly, screen door replace, automobile interior. Air Compressor needed but not included.

No. 6

Staple Gun with Remover – 3 in 1 Heavy Duty Staple Nail Steel Gun Kit with 3000 Staples, Upholstery Stapler for Fixing Material, Decoration, Carpentry, Furniture, Doors and Windows

  • [MULTI-PURPOSE 3 IN 1 STAPLE GUN KIT] Special binding groove allows easily insertion of Door-type, U-shaped, T-type three-in-one manual staples are ideal for repair, decoration and fastening to meet your various tacking needs.
  • [RUGGED AND DURABLE] It adopts 5.86mm large all-steel fixed column, high-strength chrome steel body, surface plating treatment, durable and not easy to damage, no rust.
  • [INCLUDED 3 DIFFERENT NAILS] Comes with 2000pcs Door-type, 500pcs U-type, 500pcs T-type staples to meet your different needs. (D-Type 11×8 mm ; U-Type 6×12 mm ; T-Type 2×10 mm) Ideal for repairing, decoration and fastening.
  • [EASILY AND SECURELY] According to the ergonomic design, the hand feels more fit, more comfortable and non-slip, and more labor-saving. Use the depth adjustment knob on the top of the brad nail gun to fit the thickness of the material you are using, which will make your upholstery work easier.
  • [100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE] – Unlike other products, we believe in the quality of our products.if you are not 100% satisfied just contact us to arrange a return and we will offer you a full refund or exchange!No risk ,add to cart now.

No. 7

Staple Gun NEU MASTER, 3 in 1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun with Stapler Remover and 2000Pcs Staples, Manual Staple Gun for Upholstery, Fixing Material, Decoration, Carpentry, Furniture

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL– The Upholstery staple gun features all-steel construction and chrome finish for durability and rust-proof. Rubberized non-slip grip minimizes hand fatigue and ensures a secure grip when fastening for longer periods of time.
  • VERSATILE TOOL WITH 2000 FREE STAPLES — The 3 in 1 Heavy-duty staple gun with staples in 3 types, great for upholstery, material repair, carpentry, decoration, furniture, DIY, and more different renovation needs.
  • MORE CONVENIENCE — The lightweight stapler is equipped with a quick-jam clear mechanism that saves time and avoids hassle. A quick-viewing window can make it easy to see when it’s time to reload. Bottom load design for quick and easy loading.
  • ADJUSTABLE POWER – Adjust the pressure by the screw knob on the top of the hand staple gun, to fit the thickness of the material you are using, which will make your upholstery work easier.
  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE — WORRY-FREE-24-month-warranty (new replacement instead of repairing).

No. 8

ValueMax Staple Gun, Heavy Duty 3-in-1 Manual Nail Gun with 3000 Staples, Upholstery Stapler for Wood, Furniture, Carpet, Carpentry, DIY, Wire, Decoration, Craft, Fixing Material

  • ▶ 3-in-1 Staple Gun – The 3-in-1 manual nail gun will be more practical and versatile with D-type, U-type and brad nails, which is perfect for various stapling purposes like upholstery, crafting and other decorative tasks
  • ▶ Convenient Loading Magazine – Just press the release latch and load rod, the staple gun can help you to finish the work; strength setting knob makes the adjustment of staple depth easier
  • ▶ Ergonomic Handle – The light-weight body with a rubber ergonomic hand slot that was designed to minimize the pain during stapling and to reduce discomfort when incessant work
  • ▶ Safe Design – The stapler with a handle lock will ensure safe storage and avoid child accidental injury. Please make sure that it is unloaded, hold handle down and engage handle lock
  • ▶ Package – The upholstery stapler kit includes 3 different staple types of 5/16″ heavy duty Door Type (T50), 1/2″ U-Type, 5/8″ Brad nails and each size comes with 1000 counts. Notice: There are a total of 2000 staples of both U-Type, and Brad nails in one small box, and another 1000 Door Type staples in the other small box

No. 9

Woodpecker N7116S Pneumatic Continuous Firing Upholstery Stapler, 22 Gauge 71 Series 3/8-inch Crown 3/16-inch to 5/8-inch Staples, Powerful Air Staple Gun for Assembly Line Work

  • 【Solid Full-Metal Construction】The entire gun body is built-in tough metal material, even the trigger, magazine latch, magazine holder, and other accessories. That is for withstanding a harsh working environment, resist corrosion and scratches. The solid and durable gun body reduces the internal shock caused by the air impact, to ensure the stable performance
  • 【Switch to Single or Continuous Firing Mode Arbitrarily】There is a valve plate beside the trigger, which is the key to start the staple gun working mode. ①Press the plate is the Single Shot Mode: Works like a normal staple gun, shoots staples in steady. ②Release the plate is the Continuous Firing Mode: Multiple staples are shot out rapidly in a second while you press the trigger one time (shown in the video), a powerful function to increase the efficiency of line workers under repeated work
  • 【Adjustable Fring Frequency】A dial has the ability to adjust the firing frequency, gives you flexible control in staples shooting speed to adapt to your different working demand. ①Rotate clockwise to slow down ②Rotate anticlockwise to speed up. The highest frequency can reach 100 pcs/4.7s
  • 【Easy to Maneuver】The textured rubber handle gives you a good grip. The trigger is sensitive for reducing your finger fatigue in the long using time. Bottom slide loading makes reloading convenient and quick. Smooth process and less jamming. It is a breeze to finish your assembly line work
  • 【Suitable Staples & Practical Application】Comptatible with 22 gauge 71 series 3/8” (9mm) crown, 1/4” to 5/8” (6-16mm) length staples. Widely used in upholstery, like repairing furniture, cabinets, renovation, especially perfect for the assembly line work

No. 10

meite MT5016SLN Upholstery Stapler 20 Gauge 1/2-Inch Crown 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch Length Pneumatic Long Nose Stapler Fine Wire Stapler with Safety

  • [Lengthened Thin Muzzle Design] Makes the operation more flexible and convenient and for the hard-reach area
  • [Powerful and High-efficient] Industrial applications pneumatic staplers and it need to work with an air compressor
  • [With Durable Striker] Makes use of stronger and more durable striker which made of import ultra-durable metal
  • [Safe] Has a safety trigger set to make the operation safer
  • [Compatible Fasteners] meite 20 gauge 1/2″ (12.6 mm) crown 1/4″ to 5/8″ (6-16 mm) length staples

Final Words

In today’s market where same type of products is available from almost every brand, finding the right Stapler For Upholstery Work is a challenge. Every purchase requires research. Before you buy anything you need to answer the follow questions:

  • What are the features of the best Stapler For Upholstery Work?
  • How to find the right Stapler For Upholstery Work within your budget?
  • What is the average price of a good Stapler For Upholstery Work?

Our data analysis platform helps you answer these questions using state of the art algorithm. We analyze thousands of reviews from real users to generate usability score for each brand. This usability score is unbiased and powered by people’s experience the product. Then we provide you with an unbiased list of 10 best affordable Stapler For Upholstery Work to buy. Our goal is to make your decision making easy and shopping experience fun.