PoseViz – 3D Human Pose Visualizer

Multi-person, multi-camera 3D human pose visualization tool built using
Mayavi. As used
in MeTRAbs visualizations.

This repo does not contain pose estimation code, only the visualization part.

Gist of usage

import poseviz

viz = poseviz.PoseViz(...)
camera = poseviz.Camera(...)
for frame in frames:
    bounding_boxes, poses3d = run_pose_estimation_model(frame)
    viz.update(frame=frame, boxes=bounding_boxes, poses=poses3d, camera=camera)

The main feature of this tool is that the graphical event loop is hidden from the library user. We want to write code in terms of the prediction loop of the human pose estimator, not from the point of view of the visualizer tool.

Behind the scenes, this is achieved through forking a dedicated visualization process and passing new scene information via multiprocessing queues.

Detailed docs TBA.


Install Mayavi via Conda (the Mayavi pip package has compilation problems), clone this repo and
install PoseViz via pip.

conda install mayavi -c conda-forge
pip install .

Then run demo.py to test if installation was successful.


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