PyBot - A Bot for PyVerse Server which is now open source for it's community!


PyVerse is a discord server for developers and PyBot is our personal discord bot!

Sample layout of .env file

logs = url_here

Contributing Guidelines

These are few needed things for contributing to Leafy

You should use pre-commit.

python3 -m pip install pre-commit  # required only once
pre-commit install

That's it! The plugin will run every time you commit any changes. If there are any errors found during the run, fix them and commit those changes. You can even run the plugin manually on all files:

pre-commit run --all-files --show-diff-on-failure
  • Note - Use .env or .venv instead of env or venv ( virtual environments ). It is to prevent pre-commit from scanning them. Pre-commit is must , to prevent github actions

Also, great thanks to python discord bot! PyBot uses some of their's code