This is a calculator to transform schematics material list into it’s original material list offering custom formula adding.

This is made for fabric-schematics.Before using, please make sure that you’ve already
got a csv-file (in game, you should export pressing shift ).

**.py -h|--help

**.py -i <path> [-o <path>] [args]

-w|–write: formula-writing mode, for every kind of item without default formula,
the calculator will ask you if there is a new formula for it and save
it as a new file.

-s|–simple: to calculate all kinds of wood as one.(simplified_Chinese only)

-f|–formula : to appoint a private formula. The formula should be in json type,
like {“name”:[[“component_name”, number], …], …}

-m|–missing: to calculate with missing number.Without this argument,It will be done
with Total number


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