CO-RAD is a Collaborative Optimization platform with functions of Recommendation,Analysis and Design. Here are the functions in CO-RAD:

  • Novel Numerical Simulation. Helpful tool for prediction on the behavior of genetic circuits.
  • Search & Recommendation System. The source of your inspiration for synbio design.
  • Circuit Designer. Visual toolkit for circuit construction.
  • Synchronization Sketchpad. A fantastic remote cooperation platform.
  • Management Studio. Your reliable assistant for managing your synbio design!

Powerful toolkit for synthetic biology! Open your a web browser and type in, and start with CO-RAD public server!


To set up your own server, please follow the installation guide below:


To run CO-RAD, you should get prepared on your server as follow:

  1. Make sure your server has over 8GB memory available, while 16GB is recommended. This is crucial for our search system.
  2. Python>= 3.6, with main following packages installed:
  • Django>= 2.0
  • pySBOL==2.3.0.
  • tensorflow==1.11.0
  • Numpy, xlrd, pandas, sklearn
    Details for these packages are listed below.
  1. (Not required) To activate the search engine based on neutral network, please make sure you have enough available memory (>8GB). Then click here to download the supportive data, unzip and save it at the [ProjectDirectory]\igem2018\search\nn_search, where [ProjectDirectory] is the path of this project.


  • Get Repo
    Clone the repository from github. With git install, you can type git clone in your terminal. Or you can visit our repository and download the source file, unzip it and copy it to your custom directory.

  • Installation
    The main installation process is packed into scripts. Run (setup.bat for Windows) for installation. It may take several minutes to load ocean of data to the database. After finishing, simply run on windows) to let CO-RAD get started to run!