A Discord bot written in discord.py The RazBot website can be found at https://razbot.xyz/
This contains infomation such as most of the commands that the Bot has, and an invite link. Updates come out when I make them.


You can view the start for the (outdated) docs here: https://github.com/MrRazamataz/RazBot/blob/main/docs/RazBotDocs.md

Self hosting:

If you want to self host the bot, you can do if you so wish.

  1. Download all of the files of the bot.
  2. Install the needed pip packages.
  3. Start the main.py file and cry that it might not fully work yet.
  4. For music, go to musicconfig.json and set your spoitify and YouTube API keys.
  5. In music.py, set your Lavalink server info.
  6. wow

Contact me on discord if you cry too much as its not working.

Code License

Do whatever you want with the code, I couldnt care less.

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