A Django library which interfaces with python-phonenumbers to validate, pretty print and convert phone numbers. python-phonenumbers is a port of Google’s libphonenumber library, which powers Android’s phone number handling.

Included are:

  • PhoneNumber, a pythonic wrapper around python-phonenumbersPhoneNumber class
  • PhoneNumberField, a model field
  • PhoneNumberField, a form field
  • PhoneNumberField, a serializer field
  • PhoneNumberPrefixWidget, a form widget for selecting a region code and entering a national number. Requires the Babel package be installed.
  • PhoneNumberInternationalFallbackWidget, a form widget that uses national numbers unless an international number is entered. A PHONENUMBER_DEFAULT_REGION setting needs to be added to your Django settings in order to know which national number format to recognize.


pip install django-phonenumber-field[phonenumbers]

As an alternative to the phonenumbers package, it is possible to install the phonenumberslite package which has a lower memory footprint.

pip install django-phonenumber-field[phonenumberslite]

Basic usage

First, add phonenumber_field to the list of the installed apps in your file:


Then, you can use it like any regular model field:

from phonenumber_field.modelfields import PhoneNumberField

class MyModel(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=255)
    phone_number = PhoneNumberField()
    fax_number = PhoneNumberField(blank=True)

Internally, PhoneNumberField is based upon CharField and by default represents the number as a string of an international phonenumber in the database (e.g '+41524204242').

The object returned is a PhoneNumber instance, not a string. If strings are used to initialize it, e.g. via MyModel(phone_number='+41524204242') or form handling, it has to be a phone number with country code.



Store phone numbers strings in the specified format.

Default: "E164".


  • "E164",


ISO-3166-1 two-letter country code indicating how to interpret regional phone numbers.

Default: None.


String formatting of phone numbers.

Default: "E164".


  • "E164",
  • "RFC3966".

Running tests

tox needs to be installed. To run the whole test matrix with the locally available Python interpreters and generate a combined coverage report:


run a specific combination:

tox -e py36-djmain,py39-djmain