A frontend for youtube that shows transcripts instead of videos.

Installation and Usage

  1. Clone
git clone && cd youtranscript
  1. Start the server

# Make sure to use a real invidious host here ./
  1. Open your browser to http://localhost:8008/

Environment variables

  • YOUTRANSCRIPT_INVIDIOUS_HOST: required – the hostname of the invidious instance to use to pull youtube transcripts and search results. For a list of available instances check: Make sure you pick one with a checkmark for API.


The urls should mostly correspond to ones, so you can replace with http://localhost:8008/ and it will work.


  • Python 3.10


  • choose a random invidious instance if one isn’t specified
  • Clean up the design
  • Add accessibility features
  • Add search box to the results and transcript pages
  • Add title and other metadata to the transcript pages
  • Commission or make a cool logo
  • Add punctuation restoration to auto-generated transcripts
  • Add some copy to the homepage about how cool this is
  • Public hosting
  • Add a way to show the transcripts in a different language
  • Video Image alt text
  • User testing with screen readers
  • Responsive design

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